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  1. Rynxuz '

    Rynxuz 'Pred 11 urami

    Pisses me of that they tell ethan what to say like let him say whatever he wants, its much more entertaining to see ethan interact with these women by himself imo

  2. H.

    H.Pred 11 urami

    What’s the third girl her instagram ?

  3. Jack Bobiek

    Jack BobiekPred 11 urami

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  4. Jacob Pittman

    Jacob PittmanPred 11 urami

    Everyone: 🤩 This is a nice house!! Meanwhile JJ is kissing the grass

  5. rohan rajan

    rohan rajanPred 11 urami


  6. Dylan Chapman

    Dylan ChapmanPred 11 urami

    4:19 Harry is a bug boy

  7. Smeguy Eevee

    Smeguy EeveePred 11 urami

    Leave jj alone, he's already fat doggo

  8. Rishab Kotemane

    Rishab KotemanePred 11 urami

    Vikk mate chew your food first

  9. rohan rajan

    rohan rajanPred 11 urami


  10. aseel saleh

    aseel salehPred 11 urami


  11. Alma Stewart

    Alma StewartPred 11 urami

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  12. Rooroo Iguana

    Rooroo IguanaPred 11 urami

    “Sarah” is so snobby and annoying af

  13. Manas Thakkar

    Manas ThakkarPred 11 urami


  14. Charlie Freeze

    Charlie FreezePred 12 urami

    Please do another

  15. PLEAC

    PLEACPred 12 urami

    48:29 he is harry potter

  16. El Rolbanito

    El RolbanitoPred 12 urami

    18:05 the moment simon left the world 😂

  17. Mohammed Rashid

    Mohammed RashidPred 12 urami

    i think it was poo hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

  18. Dame Drops

    Dame DropsPred 12 urami

    Anyone else notice they talked about 2 Hype, if I remember Simond is friends with them. Could be why he was more quiet kinda felt awkward.

  19. Mazz Clan

    Mazz ClanPred 12 urami


  20. Mr Magician

    Mr MagicianPred 12 urami

    Emma is very cringe

  21. Haroldinho

    HaroldinhoPred 12 urami

    jj looks like kessie from ac milan

  22. Kayla vs

    Kayla vsPred 12 urami

    can we talk about the 2nd girl that regrets eliminating tobi 16:30 that answer was so cute

  23. SharpJosh745

    SharpJosh745Pred 12 urami

    5:25 # Ava Max

  24. Ulryk Laperrière

    Ulryk LaperrièrePred 12 urami

    I dont know where 3/10 get their confidence from

  25. Ranjan Das

    Ranjan DasPred 12 urami

    Usainbolt who??? Its Babatunde now! 🏃

  26. rohan rajan

    rohan rajanPred 12 urami


  27. H2_ siffer. 2.0 Ddosvf34

    H2_ siffer. 2.0 Ddosvf34Pred 12 urami

    Ethan and Toby are the ultimate meme of the year, even if it´s 2021

  28. William Andrew

    William AndrewPred 12 urami

    I love all the sidemen but rewatching this nowadays the comments to vik and harry were disgusting. I think tobi has showed a double standard he was crying on a live about racism but took part in laughing at Vikki as he was viciously racially abused. Shows a double standard throughout society.

  29. Wrackzed

    WrackzedPred 12 urami

  30. Nikaia Ashby

    Nikaia AshbyPred 12 urami

    JJ caught a fuckin chicken and they praised him

  31. Sidemen Shorts

    Sidemen ShortsPred 12 urami

    4:25 Harry better See that rn

  32. lal agun

    lal agunPred 12 urami

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  33. Paige Bostock

    Paige BostockPred 12 urami

    This was such a good video please make more like this!!

  34. Dounia D

    Dounia DPred 12 urami

    Daaamn wish I knew this channel way earlier I love these guys

  35. Lordinnocent Meela

    Lordinnocent MeelaPred 12 urami

    JJ: cinema room "But ofcourse " 😂😂😂😂

  36. Nik Nak

    Nik NakPred 12 urami

    JJ impersonation of lil pump in studio during popin

  37. Tamizon Basaru

    Tamizon BasaruPred 12 urami

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    PULSE TRONSPred 12 urami

    I am 18 minutes in to the video and KSI is not winnin dis fam

  39. lal agun

    lal agunPred 12 urami

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  40. Game nation

    Game nationPred 12 urami

    Who else keeps watching this to see jj destroy vik

  41. Jacob Chama

    Jacob ChamaPred 12 urami


  42. Zeqtra TheKing

    Zeqtra TheKingPred 12 urami

    33:40 look on top on jj

  43. Ryder Scheeren

    Ryder ScheerenPred 12 urami

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  44. rohan rajan

    rohan rajanPred 12 urami


  45. You Veeka

    You VeekaPred 12 urami

    27:05 KSI laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Yaw Poku

    Yaw PokuPred 12 urami

    Love it

  47. abyss

    abyssPred 12 urami

    17:10 *_when u been waiting for so long..._*

  48. Dylan Jagatia

    Dylan JagatiaPred 12 urami

    haha nonce

  49. Amit Kumar

    Amit KumarPred 12 urami

    The amount of food wastage in this 😔

  50. A- X

    A- XPred 12 urami

    How has no one spoke about Harry man spreading so much 😭

  51. Erik Musa

    Erik MusaPred 12 urami

    9:31 Monke see Monke eat

  52. Mr.beansss cartel

    Mr.beansss cartelPred 12 urami

    I like the flash theme playing in the back ground

  53. Samuel Cordova

    Samuel CordovaPred 12 urami

    I still don't get the key joke that Simon made. Can anyone explain??

  54. abyss

    abyssPred 12 urami

    13:40 *_the highlight lol_*

  55. AJ

    AJPred 12 urami

    What’s the co hosts name? The girl

  56. Bruh It’s will

    Bruh It’s willPred 12 urami

    I'm sorry but I swear vik has never made me laugh. Dude is so boring

  57. Reece Stanley

    Reece StanleyPred 12 urami

    Lookin more like onions😂😂

  58. Quick Reactionz

    Quick ReactionzPred 12 urami

    Anyone else wanna see josh stone island with Toby’s trouser


    ABDALLA RASHIDPred 12 urami

    JJ not realizing that he wasn't meant to be in that mansion

  60. Quick Reactionz

    Quick ReactionzPred 12 urami

    Jj fresh out out USA pen 😂

  61. Baby Tim Tim

    Baby Tim TimPred 12 urami

    When the NYC question came up and they said Brooklyn and Jersey 😂😂😂

  62. Hayden Mcdill

    Hayden McdillPred 13 urami

    Ksi fresh out of prison in his jump suit

  63. KnownAsFreddy /

    KnownAsFreddy /Pred 13 urami

    Can anyone help me figure out what cargo pants jj wearing in the vid?

  64. Erin Morris

    Erin MorrisPred 13 urami

    Damn we all still here 2 years later :) 2021 gang wya⁉️

  65. Squilliam Fancyson

    Squilliam FancysonPred 13 urami

    This is literally Sunday League

  66. StRiKeR_YT

    StRiKeR_YTPred 13 urami

    same im super duper late its febuwary 27 2021 for me

  67. Isobel Lyall

    Isobel LyallPred 13 urami

    Ethan should have joined the rest of the Nigerian brotherhood

  68. Hazem Kh

    Hazem KhPred 13 urami

    14:34 someone explain please !!! CC or anything

  69. Jaguar Eagle

    Jaguar EaglePred 13 urami

    32:00 That line is legendary

  70. Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed MohamedPred 13 urami

    Vikk and ethan were paranoide about the ambulance

  71. MilezyPlays

    MilezyPlaysPred 13 urami

    17:01 I’m not the only one who heard this right?😂😳

  72. PAC MAN

    PAC MANPred 13 urami

    Vikk killed this video. Good job Lad. We need more vids like this.

  73. Wardeneo

    WardeneoPred 13 urami

    The da domb sauce they use in this is da bomb beyond insanity - which is 135k scoville, not da bomb: the final answer sauce - which is 1.5 million 👀😬

  74. Jez Sam

    Jez SamPred 13 urami

    Leave a like if ur watching this in 2021

  75. Booinnit 123

    Booinnit 123Pred 13 urami

    Ooooo when they came to Oxford I like saw them and YASSSS the shark is such a good monument in Oxford

  76. Lahieba Ditta

    Lahieba DittaPred 13 urami

    1 in the chat

  77. mercy oyeniyi

    mercy oyeniyiPred 13 urami

    ally: KSI idk who KSI?? his subs: 👀🤭

  78. Will O'Connor

    Will O'ConnorPred 13 urami

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  79. tool hack

    tool hackPred 13 urami

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  80. Fin

    FinPred 13 urami

    Josh: I've got roasted duck, chicken, egg fried rice... KSI: MaN's GoT a ZoO