Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. BigTuber Dong

    BigTuber DongPred 11 minutami

    Is it just me or did josh get funnier

  2. MachinFN

    MachinFNPred 16 minutami

    im watching this while eating cereal

  3. Lucas Lau

    Lucas LauPred 17 minutami

    The interesting december histologically slow because shame energetically water till a understood slip. broken, handsome dust

  4. Pulse Flickz

    Pulse FlickzPred 23 minutami

    Respect for tobi when he prayed when his food was served 🙏❤️


    EMORLEYPred uro

    harry buying champagne that costs more than what I earn in a month 😂🥺😅

  6. juls

    julsPred uro

    But Mr.Beasts mukbangs though??

  7. 10K With No Videos

    10K With No VideosPred uro

    Every sub I get is a day without 🤜🥩

  8. A Maurice

    A MauricePred 2 urami

    Vik is so corny

  9. Brayden M

    Brayden MPred 3 urami

    KSI’s hair is so tuff

  10. Blake Dennis

    Blake DennisPred 4 urami

    this is the only group i continue to watch for years the rest of the groups changed or split up

  11. Matt Schutt

    Matt SchuttPred 5 urami

    Vik’s ravens down terrible rn

  12. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPred 7 urami

    I find it so entertaining when they talk about all the stuff and parties that happend in the old house. Need more story times like that.

  13. Winnie Abujohn

    Winnie AbujohnPred 7 urami

    Omg Josh is too jokes🤣

  14. tool hack

    tool hackPred 8 urami

    The juicy margin arguably play because colombia distinctly switch barring a kind dryer. snotty, breakable holiday

  15. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPred 7 urami


  16. Itztech0

    Itztech0Pred 8 urami

    Didn’t know xxxtentacion came back from the dead

  17. Jazz Darby

    Jazz DarbyPred 8 urami

    simon looks so sad in this video bless him


    LIL OTONGPred 8 urami

    Sidemen pls go to bali

  19. CurtYew

    CurtYewPred 8 urami

    if gta 6 was in london it would be like the mafia series

  20. Mike Stark

    Mike StarkPred 9 urami

    The smoggy leo spindly coil because alloy holly drown round a quiet beech. fragile, successful luttuce

  21. Mrnightmare_ X

    Mrnightmare_ XPred 9 urami

    1 hour of them eating food

  22. Josh 101

    Josh 101Pred 9 urami

    4:36 i hope the vegan teacher doesn’t come for Josh lol

  23. Dutch van Der linde

    Dutch van Der lindePred 8 urami

    Let her come lol

  24. Edvinas Saudargis

    Edvinas SaudargisPred 10 urami


  25. Moses Aol

    Moses AolPred 10 urami

    27:27 takling about logan Paul jake Paul ben askrin and Floyd maywether

  26. Dndnd dndidbsh

    Dndnd dndidbshPred 11 urami


  27. Moses Aol

    Moses AolPred 11 urami

    57:30 Harry😂😂

  28. Kheira

    KheiraPred 11 urami

    I knew he was going to say vomit lol

  29. layla anderson

    layla andersonPred 12 urami

    22:03 😭😭 ksi’s scream had me ✋🏼😭✋🏼

  30. Elsa

    ElsaPred 12 urami

    I absolutely need sidemen to colab with real drag queens who transform them

  31. ThatGuy

    ThatGuyPred 12 urami

    32:11 LMFAO

  32. ThatGuy

    ThatGuyPred 12 urami


  33. Neab iksobarg

    Neab iksobargPred 12 urami

    Why the clickbait tho

  34. Rishab Kotemane

    Rishab KotemanePred 12 urami

    Vikk mate chew your food first

  35. Dame Drops

    Dame DropsPred 12 urami

    Anyone else notice they talked about 2 Hype, if I remember Simond is friends with them. Could be why he was more quiet kinda felt awkward.

  36. Mazz Clan

    Mazz ClanPred 12 urami


  37. Haroldinho

    HaroldinhoPred 12 urami

    jj looks like kessie from ac milan

  38. Wrackzed

    WrackzedPred 12 urami

  39. Nikaia Ashby

    Nikaia AshbyPred 12 urami

    JJ caught a fuckin chicken and they praised him

  40. Paige Bostock

    Paige BostockPred 12 urami

    This was such a good video please make more like this!!

  41. Erik Musa

    Erik MusaPred 13 urami

    9:31 Monke see Monke eat

  42. PAC MAN

    PAC MANPred 13 urami

    Vikk killed this video. Good job Lad. We need more vids like this.

  43. Fin

    FinPred 13 urami

    Josh: I've got roasted duck, chicken, egg fried rice... KSI: MaN's GoT a ZoO

  44. z Xlzzr

    z XlzzrPred 14 urami

    I noticed that vikk started talking more in this video

  45. Dominick Filip

    Dominick FilipPred 14 urami

    I'm convinced JJ's stoned in this video

  46. nurain

    nurainPred 14 urami

    Are the sidemen backing ksi against tommyinits fans or are we on tommyinits team

  47. Dutch van Der linde

    Dutch van Der lindePred 8 urami

    Is that even a question lord ksi 👑

  48. Intermeess

    IntermeessPred 14 urami

    bruh mr beast did $100000 worth of ice cream alone and the sidemen had a whole meal for each one and it costs 2000 pounds

  49. TicTacTom

    TicTacTomPred 14 urami

    JJ: I want GTA 6 the whole GTA community liked that

  50. Izik Stamper

    Izik StamperPred 14 urami

    Wait till they realize most of March madness is in indiana

  51. Alternating Revivals

    Alternating RevivalsPred 15 urami

    30:44 We love Harry

  52. Dimitris Sofroniou

    Dimitris SofroniouPred 15 urami

    Can i take Simon and Ethan 1v1 in rocket league

  53. Klutzee

    KlutzeePred 15 urami

    as a american i would play a london based gta...i think alot of us would

  54. Dev Udeshi

    Dev UdeshiPred 15 urami

    40:32 She is a lady wearing a white mask walking by ....

  55. Bobby Shrimpton

    Bobby ShrimptonPred 15 urami

    Can u do a ark survival series please

  56. TVG6

    TVG6Pred 15 urami

    Watching this eating my tesco meal deal :(

  57. nah.

    nah.Pred 15 urami

    35:10 perfect screenshot

  58. Officially_pinto

    Officially_pintoPred 16 urami

    I should stop wacthing this when I'm hungry

  59. Fahim

    FahimPred 16 urami

    Is it just me or are sidemen sundays starting to get boring

  60. Lionfox 09

    Lionfox 09Pred 16 urami

    Subscribe to my channel instead of liking it, almost got 50 subs!!!

  61. azhar ali

    azhar aliPred 16 urami


  62. ROCK893

    ROCK893Pred 17 urami

    Video for Josh? £10,000 vs £10 mukbang

  63. Feysal Aminix

    Feysal AminixPred 17 urami

    And videos as well

  64. Feysal Aminix

    Feysal AminixPred 17 urami

    Please include chunks in all challenges

  65. Itz Mustafa ッ

    Itz Mustafa ッPred 17 urami

    How many subs can i get off this comment ? Current : 261 (pls help)

  66. hpwwefan10

    hpwwefan10Pred 17 urami

    Plz check out sticky_muffin on youtube

  67. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin LopezPred 17 urami

    While everybody is talking and laugh ksi is munching down 😭😂 he don’t his food to get cold

  68. Conduit 24

    Conduit 24Pred 18 urami

    I hope to be this rich one day 😂😂

  69. the big shitter

    the big shitterPred 18 urami

    JJ does not know how to say Afghanistan correctly.

  70. Yeeting HotSauce

    Yeeting HotSaucePred 18 urami

    Largest Flex of the century But I gotta admit I enjoyed this

  71. Daniel XD

    Daniel XDPred 18 urami

    ksi Looks like triple x Rip jah

  72. J Bluey

    J BlueyPred 19 urami

    subscribe to my yt. SHARE IT. GONNA be creating more OLD JJ skit relatables

  73. Naaier

    NaaierPred 19 urami

    vikk looked so disappointed when the toe question derailed his topic lmfao

  74. Levi_Ackermann

    Levi_AckermannPred 19 urami

    when a dead duck costs way more than an alive one 😂😂😂

  75. Lucas Grondzi

    Lucas GrondziPred 20 urami

    Toby is so sad for some reason

  76. Dipper Dan

    Dipper DanPred 20 urami

    The massive millimeter certainly switch because switch unusually kill above a large weather. brief, itchy pheasant

  77. Cameron Wainwright

    Cameron WainwrightPred 20 urami

    Bruh they are spending so much on food and my family are struggling to pay bills and the food shop... I love this pandemic

  78. Cameron Wainwright

    Cameron WainwrightPred 20 urami

    All these videos cheer me up tho so it's all good

  79. SHRED

    SHREDPred 21 uro

    55mins into the video, ethan : this mans eating the salad btw me: ohh yeah there's food in this video🤣

  80. Kiki Bubble123

    Kiki Bubble123Pred 22 urami

    We are still waiting on Harry vs 20 women 🤣

  81. kasumi davis

    kasumi davisPred 22 urami

    The way vik says gyoza 😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

  82. PrOSs

    PrOSsPred 22 urami

    They need to start a podcast asap

  83. Zohair Badani

    Zohair BadaniPred 23 urami

    It's so dumb to me that a $2500 meal wasn't delivered at the same time. When u order at different times the food should be prepped so it can be delivered together so everyone can enjoy at the same time, doesn't make sense lol

  84. benhorne_22

    benhorne_22Pred dnevom

    someone tell vik to not to talk and eat at the same time lol

  85. chongy meister

    chongy meisterPred dnevom


  86. Sattarz Original

    Sattarz OriginalPred dnevom

    I am going with ksi Bruh. Vomit 😂

  87. Josh

    JoshPred dnevom

    Pina colada old fashioned actually has rum not whiskey or that's what Google told me

  88. Loui P

    Loui PPred dnevom

    Yous should do a 100k calorie battle again but both teams trying to eat more than the other

  89. Wolf

    WolfPred dnevom

    Definitely the caste where JJ shot one of his music vid

  90. AJ

    AJPred dnevom

    43:35 I died laughing at this part 😂😂😂

  91. ThickAndSlim

    ThickAndSlimPred dnevom

    Gta in new zealand would slap I think because of the gangs

  92. Ace

    AcePred dnevom

    watch this vid for 1:15:16 just to watch the sideman eat food and talk while i never ate food for days send water/food to africa

  93. calm your tits

    calm your titsPred dnevom

    they should invite the RPDR UK QUEENS

  94. calm your tits

    calm your titsPred dnevom

    TOOT!!! sidemen doing rpdr

  95. Eadaoin Lynch

    Eadaoin LynchPred dnevom

    Siddemen work on a farm for 24hours

  96. gremlin man

    gremlin manPred dnevom

    My god vik is cringe.

  97. Tayo Ajiboye

    Tayo AjiboyePred dnevom

    JJ should really cut his hair

  98. Tayo Ajiboye

    Tayo AjiboyePred dnevom

    JJ should really cut his hair

  99. It's Akile

    It's AkilePred dnevom

    110 pounds for a whole duck huh, mad scaling considering its about $200TTD for a uncoocked one

  100. Milly and Lailas journey!

    Milly and Lailas journey!Pred dnevom

    Is there a discount code for sidemen clothing in this video what time ?

  101. Outta Savageboy

    Outta SavageboyPred dnevom

    Harry cheap ash 😂😭 poor Simon.

  102. RemixerD

    RemixerDPred dnevom

    Does anyone actually like ethan, Simon, josh,vik or tobi

  103. azozz alsheha

    azozz alshehaPred dnevom

    Vikk + 🍷 = something else 😂😂😂

  104. Tigerz Talk

    Tigerz TalkPred dnevom

    who else thought that the backgroud was edited